Deleting System Center Configuration Manager application will not delete supersedence relationship‏

Imagine a scenario where you have following applications is SCCM:

  • Application X v1.0
  • Application X v1.1 – supersedes v1.0
  • Application X v1.2 – supersedes v1.1, deployed to clients

At one point you might want to delete v1.0 from SCCM. At this point you must keep in mind that supersedence data will not be updated for v1.1. v1.1 will still contain broken supersedence information that will break deployment for even v1.2 as client can no longer build supersedence chain (v1.1 references nonexistent application). You must manually remove supersedence information from v1.1.

Observed in 1602 and 1606. I’ve thought about scripting this validation-remediation but SCCM PowerShell is quite cryptic past very basic operations (WQL or sparsely documented .Net classes for most things). I guess a deep dive into SCCM SDK is in order someday.

Funny thing is that this seems to be only relation that is not enforced. And no, I haven’t contacted MS support about this as it’s not that important for me to burn a support ticket.

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