Why did I start blogging again?

I had a blog for many years but at the time, it had little focus so I decided to discard it as having little value to anybody.

In years since previous blog’s closure, every now and then I’ve had subjects that might need sharing with world. Perhaps solution to some problem or even just documenting some issue. So today I installed WordPress and I actually have a few posts in mind. Focus is around my work (IT) so let’s hope that I’ll have time to keep writing.

I try to write only on subjects that have had very little coverage (edge cases, implementation details, little-known problems etc) or are very hard to find on Google. No generic news or RTFM/UTFG tutorials.

Scripts are mostly unedited (some irrelevant details, logging functions etc are usually removed). A lazy sysadmin is a good sysadmin so I usually don’t polish my scripts beyond “it works fine and is reasonably readable”. If you need something better, DIY or improve my examples. It’d by nice if you shared improvements though.

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